Monday, October 29, 2007

Tuesday, October 30

UWM Union Theater / Experimental Tuesdays
7pm *FREE*
Danièle Huillet: a memorial tribute

A belated tribute to Danièle Huillet, who died at the age of 70 a year ago this month.
Tuesday's program will feature collaborations with her filmmaking partner Jean-Marie Straub, with whom she produced over two dozen films and videos, some of the most rigorous and uncompromising in all of cinema and some of the least screened.

Wednesday, October 31

Basement Cinema
Mitchell Hall - Room B91

Basement Cinema is a student-run series of B and unusual commercial movies.
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This week: This Halloween Basement Cinema is no trick and all treat. We’ve got a triple feature of zombie films from three different countries ready to devour your brain.

6pm FREE
Sugar Hill

(Paul Masalansky, 1974, 91 minutes)

Blaxploitation meets voodoo zombie action! The craziness starts when New Orleans mobsters kill Sugar’s boyfriend. Determined to get her revenge, Sugar enlists the help of Baron Zamedi, the Lord of the Dead. Sugar trades her soul for an army of zombies hit men to do her bidding. This is one black cat the mafia will wish never crossed their path.

8pm FREE
Hell of the Living Dead

(Bruno Mattei, 1980, 101 minutes)

A four man SWAT team meet up with two reporters in New Guinea. They are all their to investigate a chemical spill. What they never expected to find where flesh hungry zombies waiting to devour them. Now, they must fight their way of off the island and warn the rest of the world. One of countless Dawn of the Dead inspired zombie films made with Italian money, Hell of the Living Dead (aka Night of the Zombies) deserves recognition for being one of the wildest, craziest, and most laughably enjoyable gore films in this genre.

10pm FREE
Wild Zero

(Tetsuro Takeuchi, 2000, 98 minutes)

Aliens are invading Earth and their arrival has turned most of the world into zombies. The only hope for humanity is a rock ‘n’ roll! Wanna be rocker Ace calls upon his idols Guitar Wolf to use their music instruments to help him save the world from an onslaught of zombies. Starring the actual punk rock trio Guitar Wolf, this Japanese mash-up of rock ‘n’ roll, zombie, and sci-fi movie is one of the most insane films Basement Cinema has ever presented and will surely have folks yelling, “Rock ‘n’ Roll,” in a bad Japanese accent for many days to come.

Thursday, November 1

UWM Union Theater
7pm *FREE*
Phantom Carriage
(Körkalen, Viktor Sjöström, Sweden, 93 min., 35mm, 1922)
Special Day of the Dead Screening!
*New 35mm print

Original score performed live by Chicago's Dropp Ensemble 
(led by Longbox recording artists Salvatore Dellaria and Adam Sonderberg).
On New Year's Eve three men drinking in a graveyard tell the story of the Phantom Carriage. The last sinner to die at the end of the year must drive the carriage of souls at the bidding of Death himself. One of the men laughs off the story but soon finds out that it is all to true. The Phantom Carriage employs dazzling superimpositions to capture the supernatural world of Death in this fantastic tale of redemption.

Friday, November 2

UWM Union Theater
7pm & 9pm
Brand Upon the Brain
(Guy Maddin, Canada/US, 95 min., 35mm, 2006)

Equal parts childhood reminiscence, expressionist horror movie, teen detective serial and Grand Guignol reverie, Brand Upon the Brain! follows the boy Guy Maddin and his teenage sister who live on an island with their overbearing mother, secretive scientist father, and a horde of orphans. When mysterious head wounds are discovered on recently adopted children, teen detectives Wendy and Chance Hale visit the island to investigate. Guy falls hard into his first crush for Wendy while Sis must keep her love for Chance hidden from Mother at all costs.

Saturday, November 3

UWM Union Theater
5pm, 7pm & 9pm
Brand Upon the Brain
(Guy Maddin, Canada/US, 95 min., 35mm, 2006)

Sunday, November 4

UWM Union Theater
5pm & 7pm
Brand Upon the Brain
(Guy Maddin, Canada/US, 95 min., 35mm, 2006)