Thursday, January 31, 2008

Corpora Luminum: The Body in New French Experimental Cinema

Tuesday, February 12 7pm, FREE
Experimental Tuesdays at the Union Theatre, UWM Union Theatre
2nd level, UWM Union

Corpora Luminum: The Body in New French Experimental Cinema
Presented by Guest Curator Grant Wiedenfeld
With filmmaker Philippe Cote in person
co-presented with UWM Festival of Films in French; co-sponsored by French Cultural Service, of the French Embassy

When phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty located the roots of consciousness in the body being in the world, the human body became a key site for critical inquiry and artistic expression, nowhere more so than in his native France. Drawing upon this unique critical atmosphere and upon 60’s American and 70’s French avant-garde cinema, these contemporary filmmakers – all members of the Parisian experimental cinema workshop l’ETNA – engage the body in a diverse range of roles, from moving sculpture to respiring gaze, while revealing the brilliant body of cinema itself – a length of celluloid frames. Artists to be featured: Delphine Lest, Philippe Cote, Xavier Baert, and Carole Arcega.